superannuation albury

The landscape of superannuation changes frequently and thus requires an understanding of the challenges and implications to self-managed superannuation funds if obligations are not being met.

For family groups, Superannuation funds offer one of the most tax effective and important structures available and thus are closely monitored and highly regulated. Super fund trustees often require specific advice, while super benefits – as a major component of the wealth of many family groups – require very tailored structuring to ensure that benefits are paid in the most tax effective way.

We take a holistic approach to ensure that super is dealt with appropriately from a succession and estate planning viewpoint, and also to ensure that funds receive the most up to date advice.

We offer a wide range of superannuation dispute services including dealing with regulatory breaches and action taken by revenue authorities and the enforcement of your superannuation entitlements. 

The Albury Harwood Andrews superannuation team offers our expertise and advice in all areas of superannuation, including:

  • Establishing new superannuation funds
  • Drafting and updating superannuation trust deeds
  • Incorporation of special purpose trustee companies
  • Regulatory and tax issues affecting superannuation funds
  • Implementing SMSF loans
  • Advice on tax effective superannuation contributions strategies
  • Property transfer into SMSF
  • Managing compliance requirements
  • Succession planning
  • Tax and compliance disputes
  • Investment structure advice
  • Superannuation entitlement disputes